Dressing like a Diva

copertina (3)A list of some of the most popular and iconic dresses worn by the divas of the last Century, who always made the right choice when faced with the daunting question “What do I wear?”
You will be inspired by these incredible examples of beauty, sophistication and elegance, to make your closet worth of a diva!

The sensational history of Italian fashion

The history of Italian fashionFollowing the launch of my “Italian Fashion History Experience”, that takes you on a journey along the traces of Italian fashion in Florence, I will write a series of posts dedicated to the subject.

This first article is about the most significant moments that brought the production of “Made in Italy” in the spotlight of the fashion world.

4 fashion trends for 1016 (yes, 1000 years ago!)

Fashion trends from 1016January is the month of trend reports. But this is no average trend report.
It’s about the fashion world as it would be if this was the year 1016.
We travel back in time to 1000 years ago to discover which trends were shaping the future of medieval fashion.
Trends of that age were macro and spread very slowly. They were caused by social, political and economical factors, as they’re now, and they signaled a constant search for improvement.