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Learn fashion history through the stories that made fashion an inspiring journey through time.

Do you love fashion history? I do and through this blog I will take you to discover some of the most inspiring moments that made the history of fashion.


My name is Livia Quaresmini and I write about the stories of an unforgettable and fascinating past, with a constant reference to our fashionable present. If you are studying fashion and want to understand how fashion changed and evolved over time, or you are simply passionate about the history of costume and fashion, I’m writing these articles for you, so you can learn and enjoy this fascinating world.

I’ve been loving fashion since forever and I worked as a fashion history teacher (and now I’m professor of trend forecasting), managed a high-end vintage store and I’m now consulting with an auction house for the costume jewelry deparment.

I live in Florence, where I offer a guided experience to learn about the Italian fashion history with visits to the major fashion museums of the city. If you happen to be in Florence and be interested in this, learn more about my Italian Fashion History Experience.


If you think we can work together on something or you have any inquiries or suggestions send me a message at livia@afashionhistory.com