About Livia Quaresmini

The more I grew up the more I became addicted to fashion.

After graduating in fashion design in 2009 I started working as a designer for a young fashion brand.
I consider clothes and fabrics as white canvases where you can put literally everything on.
The history conscious approach to fashion lead me to become lecturer of fashion and costume history shortly after my graduation. I was also in charge of fashion drawing and design classes.

My life is completed devoted to fashion and I discovered the passion for the quest of vintage treasures.
I have experiences managing a vintage shop in Florence and consulting for the costume jewelry department of an auction house, as well as teaching costume and fashion history. I love collecting vintage pieces, and as I study them, to tell their stories.

This blog is about those stories, that are related to an unforgettable fascinating past, with a costant reference to our fashionable present.

Posts by Livia Quaresmini:

The complete list of the best fashion history
articles of 2015

The best fashion history articles of 2015As the year meets its end we have the perfect excuse to relax and catch up with some reading of what we missed in the past few months.

This list will guide you through a year’s worth of the best articles on the history of fashion that I could find.

Stories, curiosities and interesting informations from around the web, that I’m sure you’re going to like as much as I did.

2015 in review: what will make the history of fashion

Copertina (1)A selection of some of the most relevant moments of this year in fashion, that could possibly have a deep influence on fashion in the future, or at least be worth remembering.

Curiosities, facts, exhibitions, awards, rumors, everything is part of fashion history and even if we consider it present, so forgettable, sometimes boring and not so valuable, what we’re living now will be part of the story of fashion in the future.