About Livia Quaresmini

The more I grew up the more I became addicted to fashion.

After graduating in fashion design in 2009 I started working as a designer for a young fashion brand.
I consider clothes and fabrics as white canvases where you can put literally everything on.
The history conscious approach to fashion lead me to become lecturer of fashion and costume history shortly after my graduation. I was also in charge of fashion drawing and design classes.

My life is completed devoted to fashion and I discovered the passion for the quest of vintage treasures.
I have experiences managing a vintage shop in Florence and consulting for the costume jewelry department of an auction house, as well as teaching costume and fashion history. I love collecting vintage pieces, and as I study them, to tell their stories.

This blog is about those stories, that are related to an unforgettable fascinating past, with a costant reference to our fashionable present.

Posts by Livia Quaresmini:

The art of the comeback, there’s life after Dior

Saint Laurent and Galliano at Dior

What could already be considered as the major event of the entire fashion year happened last week at the London fashion shows, where the first collection of Maison Margiela, entirely designed by the king of fashion, John Galliano, hit the runway gaining powerful attention from fashion-medias.

Suzy Menkes described enthusiastically every single look of the collection, underlining the great comeback of one of the most controversial designer of our time.… Read more

5 fashion trends for 1915 (yes, 100 years ago!)

1915's Trends

This is the time of the year to talk about trend reports. It’s the most exciting part of runway shows, searching for trends for next seasons.  Fashion magazines, blogs and e-magazines round-up the coolest trends and predict how our fashion habits are going to change for the new year (for example if Instagram would be the key element to consacrate to success new Instagirls or if celebrity models would take a fundamental role on catwalks and ad campaigns).… Read more

Back to the Futurism: the invention of the jumpsuit


The best way to wear something chic without looking too uncomfortable in your outfit is jumpsuit.

Every season jumpsuits have their spotlights on the catwalks (mostly in cruise collections). You can wear them with a sporty outfit or instead of an elegant dress. Silk, leather, cotton, embroidered or sequined fabrics: choose your favorite type and you won’t go unnoticed!!… Read more

Christian Dior on how to create fashion and skinny models


As I visited Paris for the past week I loved shopping the boutiques of Marais, drinking  coffee, sitting outside fashionable French bistros, searching for terrific finds in flea markets and obviously going to museums.

So I was lucky because I had the chance to visit the exhibition at Palais Galliera called “The 50′s, Fashion in France 1947-1957″.… Read more

Then or now? It’s 1970s again!

Fashion week in Milan just ended and what I loved the most about it was its retrospective of 1970s style.

Valentino’s light gowns, Gucci’s super chic and aggressive jeans, head to toe look, the sophisticated chiffon dresses of Pucci and Armani all awakened the desire of going back to the seventies.

And so I was wondering why have we come to appreciate these designers’ choice?… Read more

Fashion as a social network in Emilio Pucci’s words

Emilio Pucci

Sometimes, when quiet days come after a super busy week, I love to browse the books I collect in my boutique in Florence. You know, decorating with books it’s always a glamorous way to install colorful shelves and to create a cozy atmosphere. Sometimes it’s also interesting to read them! The pleasure to discover new themes, authors, notions it’s always well worth the effort to open dusty pages.… Read more