Through Their Words

A day at the Maison: shopping with Pierre Balmain

Pierre Balmain

During the last few days, if you’re a fashion-addict, you’ve certainly heard about the next guest star collaboration with the Scandinavian brand H&M of Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of the Maison Pierre Balmain, who talked about this collaboration as a chance to tell his generation about his style and his ideas as a designer, while always keeping in mind that he’s designing for a historical brand, which was characterized by a true love for opulence, luxury and glamour.… Read more

How K.J. Lane wanted you to be a Cinderella with his amazing jewels

kenneth jay lane vintage jewelry

Kenneth Jay Lane is the most elegant of the revolutionaries in the world of costume jewelry.

His work has an undisputed, enduring, playful charm as his designs are about style, not fashion.

No jewelry designer other than Coco Chanel made it acceptable to wear fakes. But more than that, Kenneth Jay Lane truly made his costume jewelry a democratic experience.… Read more

Christian Dior on how to create fashion and skinny models


As I visited Paris for the past week I loved shopping the boutiques of Marais, drinking  coffee, sitting outside fashionable French bistros, searching for terrific finds in flea markets and obviously going to museums.

So I was lucky because I had the chance to visit the exhibition at Palais Galliera called “The 50′s, Fashion in France 1947-1957″.… Read more

Fashion as a social network in Emilio Pucci’s words

Emilio Pucci

Sometimes, when quiet days come after a super busy week, I love to browse the books I collect in my boutique in Florence. You know, decorating with books it’s always a glamorous way to install colorful shelves and to create a cozy atmosphere. Sometimes it’s also interesting to read them! The pleasure to discover new themes, authors, notions it’s always well worth the effort to open dusty pages.… Read more

How to create an it bag. The Roberta di Camerino story.

Roberta di Camerino

I think it’s more interesting when you read a story when its main character is also the narrator.

So in this post I will share with you some the fascinating words of Roberta di Camerino from her self-biography, a woman who changed her destiny through her passions, a genius, who was capable to develop a great business from a hand-made bag and an artist, whose friends were Salvador Dalì, Giorgio de Chirico, Andy Warhol, Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.… Read more