Ripped jeans are for kings: the story behind slashing clothes

Ripped jeans and past fashion

What do Henry VIII of England and the youth punk culture have in common?

More than you’ve ever thought!

Choose a pair of ripped jeans and you’ll be super trendy this summer. Skinny or high-waisted, relaxed or fitted, boyfriend, cigarette or cropped, the essential one must be ripped!

1970s is the IT-decade of this season’s trends and not surprisingly the ripped jeans are the protagonist of this ultimate glamorous revival, which is taking inspiration from the rebel attitude of the 70’s generation.… Read more

The complete guide to 1970s fashion (Part 2)

1970s fashion

As I promised here’s the second part of my complete guide to 1970′s fashion, completely dedicated to accessories. How could you be perfect without a statement bag and a pair of fabulous shoes?

Here you’ll find detailed answers to your glamorous questions for a 70s inspired outfits!

In case you missed it read “Part 1” of my guide to learn about the icons and designers that made the decade.… Read more

Wearing creativity on your head: when hats were all the rage

1950s hat

As a vintage buyer, who searches for hidden treasures into forgotten wardrobes or local flea-markets, I’m always fascinated by hats.

I simply adore buying them for my shop, where the hats are nicely displayed and ready to be worn by customers.

What fascinates me a lot is the exquisite design of those hats, the delicacy of the flowers and feathers and tulles, the perfection of the composition and the sophisticated shapes.… Read more

How K.J. Lane wanted you to be a Cinderella with his amazing jewels

kenneth jay lane vintage jewelry

Kenneth Jay Lane is the most elegant of the revolutionaries in the world of costume jewelry.

His work has an undisputed, enduring, playful charm as his designs are about style, not fashion.

No jewelry designer other than Coco Chanel made it acceptable to wear fakes. But more than that, Kenneth Jay Lane truly made his costume jewelry a democratic experience.… Read more

The complete guide to 1970s fashion (Part 1)

1970s fashion

As a clear reference for the creations of the latest fashion shows, 1970s fashion looks are what you should be looking forward to wear in 2015.

So let’s dive into this decade of incredible fashion, as we start this first part of a two-part guide, exploring the icons and designers that defined the 1970s in fashion.

As the 60s were about banding together into one common identity in the service of social change, then the 70s were about the quest to venture out in search of a truly authentic self.… Read more

2 types of shoes from the past you should be wearing now

1960s shoes

The Winklepicker

It was last year when Hedi Slimane, fashion director at Saint Laurent decided to introduce in his men’s collection the “winklepicker” shoes, which became rapidly a certified It-essential favored by the frequently photographed It-people elite.

A new wave of original ’60s glam rock hit the runway and inspired several high-street style brands, which followed immediately the trend.… Read more