When swimsuits became unconventional: Rudi Gernreich set the body free

Summer is getting closer and colorful swimwear collections abound; trikinis, bikinis and super hot swimsuit are all the rage, but the questions is, do you know where they come from? or who was the designer who first created them?

This post is dedicated to another less-known fashion designer, who contributed to set the female body free from constrictions and inhibitions, Rudi Gernreich.… Read more

Charles James: the shape of the dress beyond fashion

Charles James Drawing

Charles James (1906-1978) has achieved cult status in the field of fashion as much for his legacy of unforgettable clothes as for the magnetic force of his complex personality and the unorthodoxy of his creative process.

Diana Vreeland loved to say about him: “He’d rather prefer to do, undo and redo a dress for a party, than finally seeing it worn at that very party”.… Read more

How to create an it bag. The Roberta di Camerino story.

Roberta di Camerino

I think it’s more interesting when you read a story when its main character is also the narrator.

So in this post I will share with you some the fascinating words of Roberta di Camerino from her self-biography, a woman who changed her destiny through her passions, a genius, who was capable to develop a great business from a hand-made bag and an artist, whose friends were Salvador Dalì, Giorgio de Chirico, Andy Warhol, Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.… Read more

Here’s why Dolce & Gabbana created a dress covered with coins

This Spring/Summer 2014 AD Campaign of Dolce&Gabbana features an awesome dress covered with fake-ancient gold coins.

So where did they get the ispiration to create such a beauty?

That dress refers to an ancient use of gold coins and other small precious objects, which where sewn to the clothes of wealthy people in order to demonstrate their power and richness.… Read more

The curious guide to the history of Parisian Haute Couture (Part 2)

Parisian Haute Couture history

In the first part of this series I highlighted the key events of the first 100 hundred years of Parisian Haute Couture, through business strategies and artisanal work.

In this second part we continue to travel along the timeline of the Haute Couture’s history uncovering little known facts and curiosities about the making of the fashion shows we witness today.… Read more

12 tips for women from Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli famously put an avanguard view in her dresses but, as the following list points out, she was forward-thinking in her thoughts as well.

The celebrated Italian designer has never been forgotten and every respectable fashion addict sure knows something about her story and contribution to fashion.

This is true now more than ever as her Maison is constantly in the spotlight: an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, not to be missed auctions at Christie’s selling some of her best creations and the launch of the capsule Haute Couture collections of the Schiaparelli label, which happened during the parisian Haute Couture Fashion week.… Read more