The curious guide to the history of Parisian Haute Couture (Part 1)

Parisian Haute Couture

Between 1860 and 1960 the Parisian High Fashion (Haute Couture) gave a new idea of fashion. Behind the poetic facade there were high-skilled professionals and complex production facilities, generating a universe of dreams, made by excellent, artistic and high-quality products.

Here I describe the first 100 years of this history; a century of tough decisions, business strategies and artisanal work.… Read more

Why furs are luxury business

Vintage Furs

The rise of furs as a symbol of luxury

The first dress of humans on the planet, apart the biblical leave of Adam and Eve, was the animals’s skin, fur, which during the following centuries was tanned and sewed in order to follow the silhouette of the body.

The business of furs, at the time of the first civilizations, was the most important way to earn money or to do exchanges of goods.… Read more

Wear it like a Persian.
Here’s where fringes come from.


In contemporary fashion fringes will be all the rage next season, super glamorous on tank top and biker-inspired bags.

We know fringes has been declined in various costume trends throughout the past century, from the ’20s through the ’70s they communicated different social status and state of minds.

In fashion history we can first meet fringes around 500 B.C., first described by the Grecian historian Erodoto.… Read more