Edith Head

Christmas parties are coming!

I’m sure you are looking for the perfect outfit for the right occasion. But sometimes choosing between two or more options could be considered a real job!

I speak as a result of my personal experience, standing in front of my wardrobe, staring at my clothes…. it takes me ages to decide what to wear!

I’m perfectly aware of the fact that the solution is to hire a personal stylist, but for us normal human beings I thought might be useful to dig up this simple guide written a few years ago by a woman, who knows exactly what other women need to be beautiful: Edith Head.

The dress doctor, Edith Head is the most famous costume designer of all time. She dressed the most fashionable divas of Old Hollywood. She won eight Academy Awards and was nominated 34 times for the award during her career at Paramount Pictures.

Her timeless “prescriptions” were published in 1959 in a best-selling memoir and style guide, called precisely “The Dress Doctor”.

Hollywood icons such as Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich couldn’t exist now, without Head’s glamorous and smart touch. Head created costumes as indelible as the legendary stars who wore them and designed most of her client’s personal wardrobes.

Her sense of style and innate talent could guide modern woman too, because her perspective on style is eternal as her sartorial epigram, which is a foolproof prescription for self-confidence for women everywhere: “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”.


So these are some fundamentals to follow by Edith Head while you’re choosing what to wear:


Prescription #1

DON’T let your clothes be fitted too tightly. Even a perfect figure looks better if it doesn’t resemble a sausage.



Prescription #2

DON’T be too different. You don’t want do dress like a herd, but you won’t to look like a peacock in a yard full of ducks. Being too much an individualist is not being well dressed.



Prescription #3

DON’T feel that when you’re going to a party you must look dress-up. A simple dress is safer if there’s a question of what to wear, and you’ll be much comfortable simply dressed then overdressed.



Prescription #4

DON’T be afraid to wear the same dress many, many times. It’s an old fashion idea that you must have a new dress for every occasion or party. Even if you have the money to do so, it isn’t necessary. The modern approach is to change accessories.



My Final Thoughts

I hope these tips will help you, avoiding you to do mistakes and making you as a glamorous diva of Old Hollywood.