The best way to wear something chic without looking too uncomfortable in your outfit is jumpsuit.

Every season jumpsuits have their spotlights on the catwalks (mostly in cruise collections). You can wear them with a sporty outfit or instead of an elegant dress. Silk, leather, cotton, embroidered or sequined fabrics: choose your favorite type and you won’t go unnoticed!!

The jumpsuit is the idea of a man, who created it to satisfy the need of an aristocratic and comfortable elegance for the modern man. A futurist man.

The jumpsuit was born in 1919, from the idea of Ernesto Michahelles, aka Thayaht, an Italian artist of the Futurist movement. He was a painter, a sculptor, a goldsmith and an inventor: his most brilliant idea was in fact a garment, which in his mind was simple and easy to sew, elegant and economic, very different from the bourgeois stereotype. The jumpsuit was called “Tuta” (in Italian), because of its “T” shape.


Even if jumpsuits were considered for a longtime as a work-wear garment, since the end of the 1960s they became the smartest woman’s theft of a men’s wardrobe. It has changed a lot through times, it has been worn by both sexes in different shapes and different occasions, by artists, singers, actresses, fashion icons, but it always preserves the same simplicity and grace that Thayaht gave it.

Remember, when you’re going to wear a jumpsuit, you can consider yourself such an artist, a Futurist, who cares about elegance, but also about the easiness and simplicity of life.

In a single gesture you can dress up quickly and be perfect to face your everyday life!