This Spring/Summer 2014 AD Campaign of Dolce&Gabbana features an awesome dress covered with fake-ancient gold coins.

So where did they get the ispiration to create such a beauty?

That dress refers to an ancient use of gold coins and other small precious objects, which where sewn to the clothes of wealthy people in order to demonstrate their power and richness.


Leather war dress plated with Chinese coins, 17th century


This idea of sparkling gold small objects attached to clothes has been passed from ancient egyptian culture, through asian cilizations, to Middle-ages Europe.

The word “coin” derives from the Arabian word “sikka”, from which in later centuries the word for another kind of dress decoration more usual to us now was derived. Preserving the same kind of gloss and idea of richness, the original gold coins have been replaced by a new material: plastic.

I’m talking about sequins!


Large and small sequins embroidered on a 1960′s A-line dress