In contemporary fashion fringes will be all the rage next season, super glamorous on tank top and biker-inspired bags.

We know fringes has been declined in various costume trends throughout the past century, from the ’20s through the ’70s they communicated different social status and state of minds.

In fashion history we can first meet fringes around 500 B.C., first described by the Grecian historian Erodoto. He reported to us the fashion habits of the Persian population during this time: men wore tunic, called kandis, decorated by fringes, which symbolized “power of nature, richness, luxury and abundance”.

Here are some pictures showing the use of fringes in the history and then get ready to use this fashion classic for your 2014 outfits!


1920'S flappers

1920′S Flappers 

Emilo Pucci SS 2014

Emilo Pucci SS 2014