Why are so many women into red heels?

Because red heels are synonymous with aristocracy.

This answer has to be researched into the past, at the time when Rome was an Empire.

The Emperor, his court and the members of the aristocratic families, called ”gens” used to wear sandals, called ”Calcei”, as the rest of the population did, but with a difference. Their sandals were infact red so they would be recognized from those of the other social classes.

Another example of red heels is found at the court of Louis XIV, Le Roi Soleil, who imposed to the royal family the use of red heels, as a symbol of power and luxury. Those shoes were an example of the 17th century male costume’s exquisite richness.


Nowadays the big question is: Louboutin or Yves Saint Laurent?

Who was the first to turn into a global signature of real luxury this ancient tradition?

That’s the point: the most wanted red soles shoes are, in my opinion a reminiscence of the greatness aristocratic glamour of the past. This two designers gave women the chance to feel as contemporary ”Douphines” or “Matrone” of fashion, walking through the streets of New York or Paris, pretending to turn them into the Versailles’ gardens or the Rome’s ”Decumani”.

I’d like to think about red heels as a gift for women, made by the generous genius of two men, who simply adore to make them the Queen of fashion!